CONCRETE is a global construction material, serving the social, engineering and commercial needs of the mankind through means of building the essential infrastructure to sustain our progress. The basic materials that comprise concrete are also global and this makes it second to water only in volume consumption. Notwithstanding these benefits, concrete and its providers and users also have responsibilities and obligations in ensuring its correct, durable and sustainable applications. This UKIERI Concrete Congress is being organised to discuss all aspects relating to concrete's current and future contribution as to how we build the established and develop living world. In achieving this aim, the Congress will be working with the stakeholders worldwide, involving researchers, practitioners, professional institutions, trade organisations and the relating Government departments.

The six Conferences comprising the Congress are designed to cover a wide range of issues reflecting concrete's versatility relevance and potential for further exploitation. The proceedings of the Congress will be managed differently, maximising the delivery of current knowledge as well as the creation of new knowledge, focusing on the advantages and benefits as well as cutting across barriers that can limit applications. The need for future provision whilst responding to environmental concerns will be discussed. There will be opportunity to learn, network, debate and find solutions and opportunities relating to these issues.

The Congress will appeal to providers of services, manufacturers, practicing engineers, designer's consultants and researchers as well as planners and property developers. In fact, to all that relate to concrete's unique contribution to how we live both now and in the future.