Conference 3: Wednesday 4 November 2015
Recycled/Secondary Materials for Concrete Construction:
Dedicated to
Jianzhuang XIAO
Full Professor, University of Tongji, People`s Republic of China
One of the youngest persons to be appointed to the chair, whilst Professor Xiao`s research interests cover many areas such as fire response and earthquake resistance of high performance concrete and rehabilitation and strengthening of concrete structures with composite materials such as GFRP and CFRP, recently he has been engaged on the fundamental research on the material properties and structural behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete. He has won many awards, including the Distinguished Young Scholars of China by the National Science Foundation of PR China and the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship in Germany and has nine authorised national invention patents. He is member of several professional organisations, including RILEM. He has published widely and edited the first Code for Recycled Aggregates in China and is current Director of the Recycled Concrete Committee and vice Director of the High- strength and High Performance Concrete Committee in PR China.
Opening Paper: "Dynamic mechanical behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete"