Conference 1: Tuesday 3 November 2015
Modern Sustainable Cements for Concrete Construction:
Dedicated to
Georg Dirk
Past Chairman/Managing Director
Dirk India
Georg Dirk and Dirk India, a Private Ltd company, are synonymous within the concrete construction industry in India and beyond and are linked to Pozzocrete - a visionary development of processing fly ash produced as waste at coal fired power stations into a valuable resource for use as cement component in concrete, which was set up in 2000 with Georg Dirk its Chairman and Managing Director. Prior to coming to India, after studying international business in Germany and a short spell in senior positions with oil giants, Mobil and Shell, he has been involved in various business enterprises within Europe, covering, refining of waste oils (Dirk- Oil), recycling power station by products as expendable abrasive (Dirk- Blastgrit), stabilisation of sewage sludge (Dirk- Rhenipal), various ventures with leading European power generators involving the utilisation of fly ash as RHENIPAL. In 1986, he was awarded the UK Environmental Award for his recycling activities.
Opening Paper: "How to increase the use of Fly Ash in Cementitious Applications?"