Smart Materials

Opening Paper

Multifunctional Cement-Based Materials

Professor Deborah L Chung, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA 

Keynote Papers

Resilient Materials for Life: Biomimetic Self-Healing and Self-Diagnosing Concretes

Dr K Paine, University of Bath-UK, Prof A Al-Tabbaa, University of Cambridge, Dr D Gardner University of Bath and Prof A Jefferson, University of Bath-UK 

Innovative Structural Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Piles Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing

Dr L Pelecanos, University of Bath, UK and Professor K Soga, University of California, USA  

Fusion of Smart Materials and Concrete Technologies: Present and Futuristic Applications

Professor S Bhalla, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India  

Normal Papers

Use Of Ecofriendly Microbial Bricks In Rc Filler Slabs

S Shrihari 

Modifying The Strength And Durability Of Self Compacting Concrete Using Carbon Nanotubes

S G Shah ,Q I Barodawala ,S G Shah 

The Experimental Study On Damage Detection Measurement Through Piezoresistivity Of Carbon Nano Tube In Cement Mortar

Jay Viradiya ,Siddharth Shah 

Influence Of Graphene Oxide On The Microstructure And Durability Properties Of Concrete

S Chiranjiakumari Devi ,Rizwan A Khan ,J Singh 

Effect Of Bacteria On The Properties Of Concrete- A Review

Shradha Jena ,Kishor Chandra Panda 

Effect Of Water And Accelerated Curing On Impact And Compressive Strength Of Artificial Aggregates With Nano Silica

Kolimi Shaiksha Vali ,Bala Murugan S 

A Study On Property Augmentation Of Microbial Concrete At Different Cell Concentrations With Time

Sandip Mondal ,Aparna (Dey) Ghosh 

Bacteria Induced Self-Healing Concrete-A Review

Baban Kumar 

Hybrid Cnt-Go As Reinforcing Phase In Fly Ash Blended Cement Mortar Nanocomposites And Its Effect On Compressive Strength

N C Kothiyal ,Himanshu ,Ramanjit Kaur 

Development And Testing Of A Sandwich Panel With Uhpc And Pcm Concrete Layers

Roger P. West ,Eoghan Sexton ,Gurbir Kaur ,Dervilla Niall ,Richard O’Hegarty ,Oliver Kinnane 

Autogenous Self-Healing Of Fibre Cements

K Paine ,J Harris ,Y Zhou ,J Calabria-Holley 

Effect Of Addition Of Nano-Silica On Micro Structural, Mechanical And Durability Properties Of Cement Mortar And Concrete – A Review

Vinay Mohan Aggarwal ,Purnanand Savoikar , 

Investigation Of Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under Impact Loading

Suruchi Mishra ,Rizwanullah ,Shivam Gangwar ,H.K. Sharma 

Comparative Study Of Conventional Concrete And Polymer Modified Recycled Aggregate Concrete

S E Tayade 

Performance Enhancement Of Light Weight Concrete Using Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation By Sporosarcina Pasteurii

K Satya Sai Trimurty Naidu ,M V Seshagiri Rao ,V Srinivasa Reddy 

Effect Of Temperature On Signatures Of Piezo Sensors For Emi Technique And Its Compensation

Sushmita Baral ,Prateek Negi ,Suresh Bhalla 

Application Of Emi Technique Using Piezo Electric Sensors

Jayalakshmi Raju ,Sumit Balguvhar ,Shashank Srivastava ,S K Dhawan ,Suresh Bhalla ,T Visalakshi 

Fusion Of Smart Materials And Concrete Technologies: Present And Futuristic Applications

Suresh Bhalla 

Use Of Marble Chips And Marble Powder In Concrete: A Short Review

NA ,Mohit Talwar ,Mandeep Singh ,Sudhir Arora 

Design Of Rc Member Using Different Building Code: A Review

Samreen Bano , Tabish Izhar ,Neha Mumtaz 

Synthesis Of Alkali-Activated Material Using Copper Slag As Source Of Aluminosilicate

Jagmeet Singh ,S P Singh 

Ultra High Performance Concrete - A Need For A Sustainable And Durable Approach In Construction Industry

Sachin Chugh 

Utilization Of Steel Slag As Cementitious Material In Construction Industry

Virendra Kumar ,Rajesh Kumar Paswan 

Utilisation Of Ld Slagas Aggregate In Construction Industry

Brajkishor Prasad ,Virendra Kumar ,Prince Singh 

Effect Of Partial Replacement Of Cement With Metakaolin On Properties Of Concrete Using Treated Waste Water

Sanjeev salot ,Hemant sood 

Effect Of Silane Treatment On The Mechanical Properties Of Polymer Concrete Made With Recycled Pet Resin And Recycled Aggregates

K.P. Singh ,Raman Bedi ,Aditya Bakshi 

Acid Resistance Of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete

Babanpreet Singh Saini ,S P Singh ,Karanpreet Singh Saini 

Strength Behaviour Of Fiber Reinforced Fly Ash

Kuldeep Sharma ,Arvind K Agnihotri ,Ravi Madaan 

Effect Of Size Of Specimen On Strength Of Concrete And Comparison With Nondestructive Testing Method: An Experimental Study

Gopinandan Dey ,Debasree Das , 

Physical Properties Of Ternary Binders; Addition Cementitious Materials And Mixing

Niragi Dave ,Dhruv shah ,Manank Shah ,Kaushal Vora 

Partial Replacement Of Carbon Soot With Cement (Chimney Soot)

Aamir Riyaz Dar ,Simranjit Singh ,Baljot Kaur 

Durability Performance Of Nano-Silica Based High Performance Concrete

Aditi Chauhan ,Jashanpreet Singh Narang ,Umesh Kumar Sharma ,Rajib Chowdhury 

Uncertainties In Prediction And Evaluation Of Carbonation Propagation : Recent Developments

S Mandal 

Sustainability Of Concrete Using Flyash And Metakaolin To Save Co2 Emission

Lomesh S Mahajan , S R Bhagat 

Sustainability Of Using Bottom Ash To Save Natural River Bed Sand

S R Bhagat ,Lomesh S Mahajan 

Experimental Investigation On The Influence Of Phase Change Material (Pcm) On The Properties Of Cement Mortar

B. B. Das ,Snehal K ,Archana Dinesh T 

Bond Strength And Corrosion Resistance Of Reinforced Concrete Exposed To Simulated Acidic And Alkaline Marine Environment

B B Das ,Sharan Kumar Goudar ,P P Kiran Ram ,A Gokul ,S B Arya 

Compressive Strength Of Concrete With Artificially Produced Fly Ash Aggregates

B B Das , K N Shivaprasad , 

Mechanoluminescence: A Novel Method For Identification Of Crack Initiation In Concrete Structures

R K Mishra ,R K Tripathi ,Vikas Dubey ,Neha V Dubey 

Abrasion Resistance Of Fly Ash Blended Pervious Concrete

Rekha Singh ,Sanjay Goel , 

Application Of Polypropylene Non Wovens With Fish Scale In Reinforced Concrete

M Rameshkumar ,R Malathy ,S Paramasivam 

Effect Of Elevated Temperatures On Copper Slag Concrete

T Ch Madhavi ,D Senthilvelan ,Madhura S