Advanced/Effective Precast Concrete Construction

Opening Paper

Opening Paper

Precast Concrete Construction Technologies for Metro Projects in India

Professor Mahesh Tandon, Managing Director, Tandon Consultants Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, India  

Keynote Papers

Multi-Functional Performance of Precast Planer Elements and Sustainability

Professor B Bhattacharjee, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India 

ECC and Its Applications for Strengthening of Masonry Beams2 Concrete

Professor S B Singh and Pankaj Munjal, BITS Pilani, India  

Normal Papers

Applications Of Some Smart Materials Based Release Devices For Health And Safety Purpose

A K Sharma ,B S Kaith 

Fabric As Flexible Formwork

Ankeeta Acharekar ,Purnanand Savoikar 

Rheological Characteristics, Microstructural Property And Compressive Strength Of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Dholpur Sandstone Slurry As Partial Replacement Of Cement

Prarthita Basu ,Ramesh Chandra Gupta ,Vinay Agrawal ,Sanjeev Kumar 

Do It Right The First Time

T P Singh 

Performance Of Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Short Column Containing Steel Fibres

Sanjay Kumar 

Mechanical And Durability Study On Concrete Made With Alkali Activated Fly Ash Aggregates

Marreddy Himanth Reddy ,Susheel Raja K ,E Dhanesh ,V Vasugi 

Effect Of Magnetic Field Exposure Time On Fresh And Hardenend Properties Of Magnetic Water Concrete

R Malathy ,N Karuppasamy ,U Vinitha 

Carbonation Of Fly Ash And Ggbs Concrete

Ravindra K Dhir ,Chao-Qun Lye 

Effect Of Contents Of Microfines In Crushed Sand On Workability And Workability Retention Of Properties Of High Strength Mortar

Sunil Bauchkar ,H.S. Chore 

Recent Developments In Frc Technology For Enhanced Impact Resistance Properties: Innovations And Opportunities

Raman Bedi ,Ashwani Kumar Singh ,Modassir Akhtar ,Akhil Khajuria