Asset Management and Protection

Opening Paper

Best Practice in the Management and Protection of Concrete Assets

Professor Peter Robery, University of Birmingham, UK  

Keynote Papers

Condition Assessment and Protection of Concrete Structures against Corrosion: Do Cracks Matter?

Dr Chanakya Arya, University College London, UK   

Asset Management: Local Problems, Global Solutions

Dr David Dunne, Head of Asset Management (Bridges & Structures) Arcadis, UK  

Normal Papers

Study On The Behaviour Of Concrete Beams Under Different Loading Conditions

Rakesh Patel ,S K Dubey ,K K Pathak 

Evaluation Of Compressive Strength Of Concrete From Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity For Existing Concrete Structure

Saha Dauji ,P K Srivastava ,Sandip B. Bhalerao ,Kapilesh Bhargava 

Seismic Requalification Of Existing Concrete Structure For Nuclear Fuel Cycle Faciltiy

Sandip B. Bhalerao ,Saha Dauji ,Kapilesh Bhargava 

Evaluation Of Distresses In Rcc Frame Structure; Case Study Of School Building At Bhimora

Ankur M Goyal ,Tejpal Goda ,Siddharth Shah 

Rehabilitation Of Rcc Flexural Members Using Frp And Ferrocement Overlays

Bindurani P ,N Ganesan ,P V Indira 

Comparison Of Siesmic Retrofitting Guidelines For Reinforce Concrete Structures In Venezuela And India

Miguel Carrasquel ,Xiaozu Su 

Fire Analysis Of Steel Bridge Girders Using Ansys

Eleane Lisa Da Costa ,Purnanand Savoikar 

Analysis Of Cfrp Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Structural Members Using Ansys

N P S Talauliker ,Purnanand Savoikar 

Activated Slag For Precast Concrete Hollowcore Slabs: Laboratory Trials And Field Investigation

Matthew Cruickshank ,Chaaruchandra Korde ,Roger P. West ,John Reddy 

Use Of Cementitious Composites For Enhancing Performance Of Rc Beams Against Fire Exposure

Darshap Chokshi ,Urmil Dave ,Kaizad Engineer 

Optimum Design Of Rc Columns

Rahul Gupta ,Jagbir Singh