Achieving Performance with Sustainable Materials

Opening Paper

Upscaling the use of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Professor Jorge deBrito, University of Lisbon, Portugal  

Keynote Papers

Utilization of Industrial By-products in the Development of Sustainable Concrete

Professor Rafat Siddique, Thapar University, Patiala, India  

Beneficial Use of Ponded Fly Ash in Structural Concrete

Professor Tarunjit Butalia, The Ohio State University, USA  

Performance of Concrete Incorporating

Professor Jian Yang, Wafaa Mohamed Shaban, Haolin Su, Jianhe Xie, Lijuan Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China  

Moving Forward with Sustainable Construction Materials: An Unavoidable Challenge

Professor Ravindra K Dhir, University of Birmingham, UK and Dr C Q Lye, Technical Manager, G&W Group, Singapore  

Normal Papers

Effect Of Remixing On Strength Of Concrete

K L Bidkar ,P.D. Jadhao 

Use Of Service Life Modelling, Routine Testing And Monitoring For Concrete Durability

Vivek Sethi ,M Ramanathan 

Comparative Study On Strength Of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash And Marble Slurry Dust Admixed Masonry Mortar

V S Vairagade ,R Patel ,B V Bahoria 

Compressive Strength And Sorptivity Of Plain And Blended Concrete Exposed To Saline Environment

T Jena ,K C Panda ,S Jena  

Prediction Of Mean And Design Fatigue Lives Of Plain And Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Beams In Flexure

Shailja Bawa ,S P Singh 

Uniaxial Tensile, Flexural And Fibre-Matrix Pull-Out Behaviour Of Ultra-High-Toughness Cementitious Composites

P L Ng ,H D Li ,D K Mishra ,J Yu ,C K Y Leung 

Strength Development And Water Absorption Of Concrete Containing Metakaolin, Silica Fume And Rice Husk Ash

Rizwan A Khan 

Evaluation Of Copper Slag As Fine Aggregate In The Development Of Self Compacting Concrete

Rahul Sharma ,Rizwan A Khan 

Investigation on the strength properties of hybrid fibre reinforced self compacting concrete

Uzair Khan, S P Singh 

A Review On Partial Substitution Of Sand With Copper Slag On Mechanical And Durability Characteristics Of High Performance Concrete

Raghubir Singh ,Rizwan A Khan 

Assessment Of Health Risk Due To Variation In Concentration Of Flyash In Cement

Rohit Mehra ,Sarabjot Kaur 

Studies On Mechanical Properties Of Geopolymer Concrete Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate

K Senthil , Harsh Kumar ,Shailja Bawa 

Designing High Performance Concrete For Service Life And Sustainability Of Structures

Rajeeb Kumar ,Devendra Kumar Pandey , 

Influence Of Basalt Fiber And Recycled Concrete Aggregate On Self Compacting Concrete Against Mechanical And Durability Tests

K Senthil ,D Singh ,P C Emmanuel 

Capillary Suction, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity And Chloride Penetration Studies On Basalt Reinforced Self-Compacting Recycled Aggregate Concrete

S Rupali ,R Arun Raj 

Correlation Between Microstructural Characteristics And Specimen-Level Shrinkage Of Alkali-Activated Binder Concrete

Anju H Alex ,Kruthi K Ramagiri , ArkamitraKar 

Applications Of Polymer Reinforced Composites In Building Materials

Balbir Singh Kaith ,Amit Kumar Sharma 

Influence Of Plastic Aggregate On Behaviour Of Concrete

Bhupesh Kumar Gupta , Mandeep Kaur ,Mudasir Nazeer ,Kanish Kapoor 

Effect Of Metakaolin On The Properties Of Coconut Shell Concrete

K C Panda 

Proper Orthogonal Decomposition For Generation Of Organized Data In Concrete Technology

A Manoj ,K S Babu Narayan 

Effect Of Beneficiated Recycled Concrete Aggregates On Properties Of New Concrete

Amad Ur Rehman Bohroo ,Mandeep Kaur ,Kanish Kapoor ,R L Riyar 

Durability Study Of Geopolymer Concrete Cured At Ambient Temperature

Shemal V. Dave ,Dr. Ankur C. Bhogayata ,Dr. N.K.Arora 

Effect Of Scms On The Durability Properties Of High Strength Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Manu S Nadesan ,Dinakar Pasla 

Influence Of Slag Aggregates On The Functional Properties Of Concrete

Sugumar K , Ponmani K.P ,Vasugi V 

Evaluation Of Strength Of Pervious Concrete Made Of Blended Cements

Rekha Singh ,Sanjay Goel 

Studies On Eco-Friendly Concrete Mixes Incorporating Industrial By-Products

Manjunath R ,Mattur C. Narasimhan 

Characterisation Of Driving Rain Exposure In India Using Daily Gridded Data

Pankaj Narula ,Kaustav Sarkar 

Sensitivity Of Simulated Water Absorption Characteristics To Empirical Hydraulic Diffusivity Models For Porous Building Materials

Korakuti Hanumanthu ,Kaustav Sarkar 

Performance Of Polymer Treated Recycled Concrete Aggregate Under Different Curing Condition Of Concrete

Rajeeb Kumar ,Shilpa Pal ,Neelesh Jadaun Rohit 

Fresh And Hardened Properties Of Granite Slurry Concrete Incorporating Metakaolin

Digvijay S. Chouhan ,Trilok Gupta ,Ravi K. Sharma 

Lightweight Non-Load Bearing Blocks Using Expanded Polystyrene Beads

D. N. Gamage ,G. Tharmarajah 

Physical, Mechanical Properties And Workability Improvement Of Pine Fiber Reinforced Concrete

G.C Shirojith ,C.J. Seneviratne ,G. Tharmarajah 

Effect Of Crusher Fines On Strength And Workability Of Concrete

Harish Choudhary ,Arham Siddique ,Saha Dauji 

Mix Design Of Self Compacting Concrete Using Lime

Himanshu ,Nishant ,A Tiwari ,S Narayan 

Utilization Of Glass Powder As A Cementitious Material In Mortar

Anand B. Zanwar ,Yogesh D. Patil 

Behaviour Of Ternary Concrete With Flyash And Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Pradip Kumar Jha 

Strength Performance Of Geopolymer Concrete Exposed To Elevated Temperature

Dr. Sanjay Kumar ,Mr.S.Jeeva Chithambaram ,Mr. Manish Kumar ,Prof.M.M. Prasad 

Analytical Behaviour Of Rammed Earth Building Using Sap2000

Sangketa Sangma ,Prabhakar ,Deb Dulal Tripura 

Finite Element Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular And Trapezoidal Slab

Sanchita U. Sawant ,Nisha P. Naik 

Experimental Study On Mechanical Properties Of Sisal, Jute And Banana Fiber Hybrid Composite

A Samal ,S S Pradhan 

Experimental Investigation On Bonded Composite Patch Repair For An Edge-Cracked Aa 1080 Aluminium Alloy Plate

B Dehuri ,S S Pradhan 

Estimation Of Compressive Strength Of Pumpable Concrete Using Machine Learning Technique

Pronab Roy , Rishabh Kumar 

Recyclability Of Pet Waste In Sustainable Mortar Production

Satish M. Waysal ,Yogesh D. Patil ,Bharatkumar Z. Dholakiya 

Sorptivity Of Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Concrete Containing Fly Ash And Metakaolin

Ajay P Shelorkar , Pradip D Jadhao 

Addition Of Fillers In Cementitious Paste For Improving Packing Density And Water Film Thickness

P L Ng ,J J Chen ,G X Guan ,S H Chu ,D K Mishra 

Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beam – Step Toward Sustainable Development

Vijay R Wairagade ,Ishwar P Sonar 

Effect Of Alkali Activator Solution On The Strength Of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Mortar

Mandeep Kaur ,Jaspal Singh ,Manpreet Kaur 

Influence Of Naoh Solution On Compressive Strength Of Rice Husk Ash Based Geopolymer

Kamaldeep Kaur ,Jaspal Singh ,Manpreet Kaur 

Utilization Of Stone Cutting Waste In Concrete As Replacement Of Fine Aggregate

Vinay Agrawal ,Vikram Gupta ,Rajesh Gupta ,Sanjay Mundra 

An Overview Of Effect Of Nano-Material Modifications In Non-Conventional Concretes And Mortars

Govind Bhagat ,Purnanand Savoikar 

Properties Of Scc With Alccofine, Ggbs And Fly Ash-Plastic Viscosity Approach

Kalyana Rama J S ,Saurabh J Patil ,Himanshu Pal 

Strength Improvement Studies On The Ternary Blended Bacterial Self Compacting Concrete (Tbbscc)

Sridevi.M ,Dr. P. Srinivasa Rao , Dr. T. Seshadri Sekhar 

Utilization Of Waste Marble Powder And Silica Fume In Self-Compacting Concrete

Rakesh Choudhary ,Abhishek Jain ,Rajesh Gupta 

Performance Of Self-Compacting Concrete Using High Volume Sand And Fly Ash

Priyanka ,Rajesh Kumar ,Anand Babu 

Cost Effective Analysis Of Scc With Bottom Ash And Fly Ash

Rajesh Kumar ,Omesh Thukral ,SP Singh 

Study the effect of geosynthetic encased stone columns on soft and loose soils

Sudheer Kumar J, Saurabh Rawat 

Eurocode 2-Based Structural Design Of A Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete Slab

R V Silva , J de Brito 

Statistical Modelling And Validation Of Shear Strength Of Rc Exterior Beam – Column Joints

Josniya Jose , S Sivakumar 

Effect On Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Cement Mortar Prepared With Waste Granite Powder As Secondary Aggregate

Lalit Kumar Gupta ,K. I. Syed Ahmed Kabeer ,Ashok Kumar Vyas 

Durable, High Performance And Sustainable Concrete

S. K. Dhawan ,Harman Singh , Prof. Suresh Bhalla ,Prof. B. Bhattacharjee 

Development Of Electrolyzed Water Based Concrete: A New Approach For Early Strength Gain

Romio Mandal ,Saswata Chattopadhyay ,Sumit Chakraborty ,Prasanta Chakraborty ,Subrata Chakraborty 

Towards The Structural Codification Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

J. Pacheco ,J de Brito ,C. Chastre ,L. Evangelista 

An Experimental Study On Strength And Durability Of Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Sand By Crushed Brick Grit

MihirKanti Gop , Gopinandan Dey 

Assessment Of Residual Strength Of Normal Concrete At Elevated Temperatures After Hot And Normal Water Quenching

Deepak N Nathe ,Yogesh D Patil 

Performance Improvement Of Self Compacting Concrete: A Review

Deep Tripathi ,Rakesh Kumar , P.K. Mehta 

Shear-Flexure Behaviour Of Partially Prestressed Basalt Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams

Sreelakshmi A ,Dr. Jeenu G 

Thermal Behaviour Of Self-Compacting Concrete Under Elevated Temperature Containing Bottom Ash And Fly Ash

Rajesh Kumar ,Omesh Thukral ,S P Singh 

Experimental Study On Performance Of Scc Containing Stone Dust And Mineral Admixture

Rajesh Kumar ,SK Madan 

Evaluation Of Fresh, Strength And Durability Properties Of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Bagasse Ash

Abdul Haseeb Wani ,Shruti Sharma ,Rafat Siddique 

Behaviour Of Self Healing Mechanism For Crack Resistance

Shruti Dessai ,Dr. Neena Panandikar ,Rakhesh Ramarajan ,Vivek Pillai 

Practical Application Of High Strength Concrete Matrix For Use In Defence Establishments

Kasturi Bhuyan ,Anil Kumar Sah , Hrishikesh Sharma 

A Non-Dimensional Fe Model For The Simulation Of Heat Conduction In Concrete

Kaustav Sarkar , Sneha Das 

Development Of High Performance Concrete Composites Using Class F Fly Ash And Bottom Ash

Rajnish Puri ,Sanjeev Kumar ,Vijay K. Puri ,Prabir K. Kolay 

Resistance Of Chloride Ingress In Cement Mortar Using Rice Straw Ash As Supplementary Cementitious Material

Nani Gopal Paul ,Gopinandan Dey ,Surajit Munshi 

Prediction Of Theoretical Shear Strength Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete

Kannam Praveen ,S Venkateswara Rao 

Sustainable Approach To Develop Ultra High Performance Concrete Using Industrial Wastes And By Products

R. V.Ranganath ,Shamanth Gowda. T ,Naveen.A.Katavi ,Shashi Kiran. M. R 

Effect Of Coal Bottom Ash On Fresh Properties Of Normally Vibrated Concrete

Anjani Bhardwaj ,Navdeep Singh 

Effect Of Addition Of Chemical Admixture On The Physico- Mechanical And Microstructural Properties Of A Fly Ash-Slag Blended Geopolymer Composite

Saswata Chattopadhyay , Subhajit Mondal ,Bikash Barman ,Kushal Ghosh ,Dr. Partha Ghosh 

Influence Of Recycled Concrete Aggregates And Coal Bottom Ash On Green Properties Of High Volume Fly Ash Based Self Compacting Concrete

Paresh Goyal ,Navdeep Singh 

Analysis Of The Potential Of Residue From A Food Processing Industry As A Supplementary Cementitious Material

Nedunuri Sai Surya Sree Aparna ,Ramcharan Palnati ,Muhammad Salman 

Evaluation Of Infiltration Rate Of Pervious Concrete Pavement Model By Varying Perforation Patterns Of Pipes

A. R. Parmar ,D.S. Patel ,P.S. Mehta ,T.M. Joshi ,U.V. Dave 

Mix Proportioning Of Recycled Steel Fiber Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete

Ashish Simalti ,A P Singh 

Influence Of Recycled Concrete Aggregates And Coal Bottom Ash On Green Properties Of High Volume Fly Ash Based Self Compacting Concrete

Pawan Kumar , Navdeep Singh 

An Overview On Creep And Shrinkage Deflection Of Admixture Based Concrete

A. Fuzail Hashmi ,M. Shariq ,A. Baqi 

Effect Of Coal Bottom Ash On Fresh Properties Of Normally Vibrated Concrete

ShehnazDeep , Navdeep Singh 

Mechanical Properties Of Polymer Concrete Made With Natural And Recycled Aggregates Using Pet Resin

R. Bedi ,A. Bakshi 

Workability And Strength Characteristics Of M60 Grade Concrete By Partial Replacement Of Cement With Nano Tio2

M. Suneel ,K.Jagadeep , P. Venkateswara Rao 

Portland Cement Activated Geopolymer Paste And Mortar

Ashis Kumar Panda ,B Bhattacharjee 

Concrete Evaluation Methodology To Soil Blocks For Sustainability

Pawan Vijay ,B. Bhattacharjee 

Abrasion Resistance Of Cement Concrete Containing Waste Tire Rubber

Blessen Skariah Thomas ,Ramesh Chandra Gupta 

Studies On Ceramic Waste, Fly Ash, Silica Fume In Porous Concrete

A.Sofi ,Abhinav Bhatt 

Study Of Seismic Response Of 12 Storey Rcc Building Considering Infill Panels As Per Indian Standards

Banuru Raghavender ,Ramanand Shukla , Roopak Sasikumar ,Dipendu Bhunia 

Mechanism Of Corrosion And Protection In Reinforced Concrete Structures And Service Life - A Review

S. K. Dhawan , Harman Singh , Prof. Suresh Bhalla ,Prof. B. Bhattacharjee 

Effect Of Coarse Grain Aggregate On Strength Parameters Of Preplaced Aggregate Concrete

Farzam Omidimoaf ,Ali M.Rajabi ,Hakim S Abdelgader 

Built Sustainable Environment

S. K. Dhawan ,Harman Singh ,Prof. B. Bhattacharjee 

Failure Probability Of Concrete Made With Recycled Concrete Aggregates Under Of Flexural Fatigue

Sumit Arora , S P Singh , Bavita Bhardwaj 

Comparative Study Of Heat As Well As Ambient Cured Alkali Activated Slag Concrete

Sumit Arora ,Bavita Bhardwaj ,Pardeep Kumar 

Comparative Lca Of Natural And Recycled Coarse Aggregate Production In India

Sudhirkumar V. Barai1 ,Subhasis Pradhan ,B. R. Tiwari ,Shailendra Kumar 

Temperature Rise Effect On Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Using Waste Materials

Chinmaya Kumar Mahapatra ,Sudhirkumar V. Barai 

Environmental And Economic Comparison Of Frp Reinforcements And Steel Reinforcements In Concrete Beams Based On Design Strength Parameter

S Shrivastava ,N Garg 

Sustainable concrete in nuclear structures

Ranjan Kumar, Kapilesh Bhargava, DK Nagori, K Srinivas, Ankush Sharma